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245 10$aPMP Mock Practice Tests 2021-2022 : 380 questions including Agile $b; PMP certification exam preparation based on the latest updates -
260 $bIndependently published $c2021
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500 $aThis book equips PMP aspirants with an encompassing set of Mock tests to get fully prepared for the PMP certification exam. The included set of tests is fully aligned with the latest updates of the exam to implicate best practices, the role of the project manager, and the growing importance of agile and other adaptive and iterative practices: Domain 1 (People): 42 questions Domain 2 (Process): 50 questions Domain 3 (Business environment): 8 questions Adaptive approaches/Agile: 50 questions Predictive approach: 50 questions Full mock exam: 180 questions Along with the real-world scenarios, the book presents detailed answers and explanations covering the most up-to-date solutions of critical topics and questions allowing you to gauge your readiness and avoid surprises on exam day. The included tests were thoroughly created to guide you during your preparation and to reinforce you with everything you need to ensure exam-day success.
650 14$aProject Management
650 14$aPMP
650 14$aGestión de proyectos
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