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Jordan Morrow

    Be data literate : The data literacy skills everyone needs to succeed. —  New York : KoganPage, 2021. —  223 p. — 
    In the fast moving world of the fourth industrial revolution not everyone needs to be a data scientist but everyone should be data literate, with the ability to read, analyze and communicate with data. It is not enough for a business to have the best data if those using it don`t understand the right questions to ask or how to use the information generated to make decisions. Be Data Literate is the essential guide to developing the curiosity, creativity and critical thinking necessary to make anyone data literate, without retraining as a data scientist or statistician. With learnings to show development and real-world examples from industries implementing data literacy skills, this book explains how to confidently read and speak the `language of data` in the modern business environment and everyday life. Be Data Literate is a practical guide to understanding the four levels of analytics, how to analyze data and the key steps to making smarter, data-informed decisions. Written by a founding pioneer and worldwide leading expert on data literacy, this book empowers professionals with the skills they need to succeed in the digital world.
    ISBN 978-1-78966-801-8
   1. Big data. I. Data literacy.